Created, Written, & Illustrated by D.M. Eason

Straight out of the Australian “Outback”, the Knuckle Heads arrive in America. They've come to pursue the great American dream…and then some.


 The “fish out of water” tale begins in the Australian “Outback.” While doing what they do best and that’s fighting. The Knuckle-Heads inadvertently blow up the bar that they are fighting in. Along with the bar hundreds of thousands of dollars that was stashed there by a well known “King Pin”, also goes up in flames. This no doubt angers “King”, who then hires Head-Hunters to takeout the Knuckle-Heads. In an effort to avoid the Head-Hunters, the Knuckle-Heads flee to the place they’ve longed dreamed of,The United States of America. Once in America, the group encounters different events much like another famous Australian (Crocdile Dundee) who also had to adapt to life in America.


The definition of a Knuckle Head - Someone with limited intelligence and with a mean nature, who prefers using their knuckles/fist to using their head.


A name suitable for this band of young men.


The Knuckle Heads TM and Copyright, Derrick M Eason All rights reserved.