Several thousand years ago, there was a great war in the heavens between races of gods and demons.  The war raged for centuries and there were heavy casualties on both sides.  This war eventually spilled over to our world, and ancient man was introduced to otherworldly beings for the first time.  These otherworldly beings took physical, flesh and bone forms in order to exist in our realm.  Some of these beings took animalistic forms, and many others took humanoid forms and quickly integrated into our society.  As a result of this intermingling, humans began to be born with supernatural abilities.  Many of these gifted humans joined the continuing conflict between gods and demons.  Centuries later, what came to be known as the 'Shadow War' still rages on.


A group of gifted individuals, with diverse backgrounds and abilities, find themselves in the middle of the eternal conflict between the gods and the demons.  Knowing that the world is sitting on the brink of destruction, these gifted individuals will come together to form a team dedicated to finding the truth, revealing this truth to the world, and confronting the dark forces hell-bent on world domination and destruction.  They will become Messengers of the Hidden Truth!